Cyberpunk · Erotic Quickie

Decadence in the Sky

This 1,000 word cyberpunk quickie is for mature readers (of the future) only. It features an alpha male, male masturbation, and one hell of an orgy.

Source: TORLEY/Flickr

Daishi Kaz looked at his watch as the elevator made its slow crawl skyward. He hated the nasally voices of his colleagues. They sounded so submissive, so full of excuses. They’d never have what it took to sit with people like him, at the important tables, where big things happened. Things that meant something. They’d always be below him. The power was intoxicating. The fact that his watch alone was worth more than what Ohba Taro would make in a decade turned him on.

“Taro,” Kaz intoned in his deep, practiced voice, “I don’t care how long it takes to do it. I don’t care if it’s your anniversary, I don’t care if your mother’s in the hospital, and I don’t care if you’ve got to take a shit. You’re staying late tonight and they’re going to be on my desk when I get there in the morning, or you’re going to tell your wife why you don’t have a job with the Corp anymore.”

Kaz smiled. He could practically hear the other man’s hesitation. Taro’s wife, Rina, had been cheating on him for the past year. Kaz knew this because he was the man she was blowing. Taro knew this, too. Kaz’s last Christmas card to him laid out, in detail, how he made Rina swallow his cum.

“Yes sir, Mr. Daishi.” It was the only thing Taro could say and Kaz knew it.

“I’m glad we have an understanding, Mr. Ohba,” Kaz said. He tried to hide the mockery in his voice, but he was enjoying this too much. “You know what they say about a happy wife.”

Kaz didn’t wait for the other man to respond. He tucked his phone into his pocket just in time. The elevator gave off a soft ding as it reached floor 77. His floor. One of them, at least. It used to be a high-end honeymoon resort, but as fewer and fewer people were able to afford the stay, Shibata Corp decided to simply gift the entire level to him, one of their most promising executives.

He stepped out of the elevator, ignoring the hazy skyline that dominated the view outside the windows. It was a breathtaking sight to him once, but that was a long time ago. He had come a long way from the young, ambitious idiot who dreamed about making a name for himself in this city. His past self would never have guessed he would do that and more. This city, this view… He owned them.

A gleaming set of sliding doors barred him entrance to his after-hours room. They were modeled after the traditional Japanese shoji, but with one difference. If anyone besides Kaz tried to open them, they would be electrocuted to a crisp.

The doors recognized his fingerprints and they opened themselves for him. As soon as he was beyond the threshold, the room lit up. Imported bamboo plants lined the walls. Faux-woodblock prints decorated the spaces between them. Kaz didn’t consider himself a sentimental man, but he did appreciate the aesthetics of his homeland. Then, there was his own private view.

The floor was made of glass. Delicate, golden filigree decorated the “window,” resembling crashing waves and rolling clouds. He had bought the floor below for himself, as well. And down there, waiting for him as always, were his performers. They would put on this show for him every time he so desired, and he desired it that night.

The performers consisted of dozens of men and women of varying ethnicity, all of them more beautiful than the last. They all stood, nude, silent, following his every movement with their eyes. Their bodies were impeccably carved, each one fit to be the subject of a timeless sculpture. Kaz made sure they stayed fit.

He didn’t waste a greeting on them. He stood in the middle of them, above them, his naked dolls of sexual perfection. He unzipped his slacks and pulled out his cock. It was already half-hard from berating Taro, but all it took to take Kaz to full-mast was the absolute attention of the people below him.

That was their cue. As soon as Kaz’s erection was standing tall for all of them to admire, its tip purple with desire and yearning for a release, they went to work.

They wrapped their arms and legs around each other, kissing, and fondling. Kaz could hear everything coming from the floor below, and their moans only made him harder. He stroked his rod, with authority, unsure when he was watching their orgy and when he was awed by the perfection of his own cock.

Below him, the group took their show to the next stage. Cocks penetrated assholes, vaginas, and hungry mouths. Man on man, man on woman, or woman on woman, it didn’t matter to Kaz. They were there for his benefit. Their hands reached towards him as they fucked, but even though they could see their master, their hands would never touch him through the ceiling. Their hands would never know the weight of his cock, or the engorged veins that traveled the length of his shaft like the spine of so many mountains. Kaz could see it in their eyes as he jerked himself off faster. They wanted to take him inside, to exchange the secret warmth of their bodies with him.

The first orgasm came from a man. He bucked his hips hard against the pelvis of another man, bent over, face flush in agony. The other man begged him to keep going, to fill his ass with cum. The shouts of pleasure rippled outward, and soon, both men and women were filling Kaz’s ears with their sexual release.

Kaz’s thighs tensed up as he stood, working his cock from the shaft to the tip. He was a king, lording over his subjects, and he was about to give them what they so clamored for.

His cum shot out of him like a cannon, in thick, white spurts. Every gush of cum ignited the pleasure centers of his brain, and his groans came out in passionate, explosive bursts. He stroked himself faster, harder, taking advantage of his heightened sensitivity and eking out everything his sac had.

As he finished, he looked down and watched a woman try to lick his cum up from under the glass. With a snap of his fingers, Kaz turned off the lights, and for all he cared to know, the only things that existed were him and his city.

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