Erotic Quickie · Fantasy

My First Flight

This 1,000 word fantasy quickie is for mature readers only. It’s about the real reason dragons have a tendency toward fair maidens.

Source: xhaju/Flickr

The journey was the most harrowing part of the whole ordeal. Dragonflight was faster than anything she had ever experienced before, in equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. As she rode on the great creature’s back, Minerva watched as the world below became less and less familiar with every blink. Trees became craggy rock, well-worn paths faded from view, and soon the bitter cold whipped at her exposed skin. After what seemed like a lifetime, the dragon landed at the mouth of a cave, peeking out from the side of a mountain.

Minerva had been trained as a dragon maid her entire adult life. To be chosen was as much a blessing as much as it was a curse. Thanks to her training, she could outfight and outlast everyone in the village, man or woman. She was strong. Lithe. On the other hand, she had to give up the notion of having a normal life. The other women would have simple lives, in warm homes with smiling children and doting husbands. But not Minerva. Because tonight she was going to show the dragon’s son why she was worthy of being its mate.

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