Erotic Quickie · Fantasy

Ready to be Devoured

This fantasy quickie is for mature readers only. It features a group of adventurers who were caught in the wrong web.

free-erotica-short-story-ev-stonebraker-006His eyes fluttered open to the cold stone roof of a cave. He found himself laying on the softest bed his back had felt in ages. Slow, turgid thoughts were snatched out of the ether by his waking mind. Where am I? A faraway drip drop of water answered his question. What happened?

Euric tried to get up, and found the answer to his second question. His arms and legs—his entire body?—were bound somehow. Try as he might, even with the strength earned by a thousand battles, he could not break free from the shackles which held him. He tried to roar in frustration, and paid for the offense in pain. His throat was parched. He could only guess how long he had gone without something to drink. The sound of water became a maddening thing.

“Don’t trouble yourself so much, morsel. Those bonds have held men stronger than you.” The warrior craned his neck to the source of the voice, and to his horror, found six shining eyes looking back at him.

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