Erotic Quickie · Fantasy

Ready to be Devoured

This fantasy quickie is for mature readers only. It features a group of adventurers who were caught in the wrong web.

free-erotica-short-story-ev-stonebraker-006His eyes fluttered open to the cold stone roof of a cave. He found himself laying on the softest bed his back had felt in ages. Slow, turgid thoughts were snatched out of the ether by his waking mind. Where am I? A faraway drip drop of water answered his question. What happened?

Euric tried to get up, and found the answer to his second question. His arms and legs—his entire body?—were bound somehow. Try as he might, even with the strength earned by a thousand battles, he could not break free from the shackles which held him. He tried to roar in frustration, and paid for the offense in pain. His throat was parched. He could only guess how long he had gone without something to drink. The sound of water became a maddening thing.

“Don’t trouble yourself so much, morsel. Those bonds have held men stronger than you.” The warrior craned his neck to the source of the voice, and to his horror, found six shining eyes looking back at him.

The creature stepped forward, revealing itself in the flickering light of a dying torch, and Euric knew what held him in place. It was the web of an arachne. The arachne were the result of blasphemous union between man and spider. Their bodies looked like people from the waist up, but had the giant, bloated multi-legged body of an arachnid from the waist down. The one who had captured Euric, and no doubt the rest of his adventuring party, was no different. Her human half was voluptuous, and he cursed his stare for lingering too long.

“Do you not find me beautiful, morsel? The frail one certainly thought so.” He hair flowed well past her dark shoulders, the strands of lush hair framing her breasts. Her web gently shook with every step her myriad legs took, as she inched closer and closer to Euric. “He found me enchanting, right down to the last.”

Euric fumed. The thought of anything happening to his young charge because of his own carelessness was almost too much to bear. “What have you done with him? If you’ve hurt him, I swear to the Light that your life ends today.”

The arachne crept closer until it was straddling him. Euric felt the heat coming from its abdomen as she shoved her face into his. Her eyes were captivating—looking into them was like looking into an arrangement of crystal mirrors. Euric found his face displaying a different emotion in each of them. Anger. Disgust. Fear. Shame. There was beauty in the abomination’s face. He turned away, and found four large bundles wrapped in web. One for each of his friends.

“They are not dead,” the arachne cooed. “I took what I needed from the frail one, but I’m afraid his stock isn’t quite up to snuff. Since the other two are females of your species, they have nothing to offer me at all. You, on the other hand… You know what I want, morsel. End your line here, or end their lives the next time I fancy a feast. It is your choice.”

Euric cursed, in spite of himself. If only they had chosen another cave to hole up for the night. He knew that if he provided his seed to the arachne, the Light would curse him sterile for the rest of his life. His descendants would be the arachne, and he would be a part of this cursed cycle.

He sighed. “I’ll bargain my case in the afterlife. Let us live, arachne, and take what you want from me.”

“No need to be so formal.” The arachne couldn’t hide the smile on her face as her lower legs ripped the clothes off of the adventurer under her. “And I do have a name. You may call me Nokubonga. It is only fitting that you know the name of the mother of your children.”

Nokubonga stepped back to admire the sight of Euric’s body. Much strength ran in his blood. His body was not without flaws; the scars and marks of countless survived battles scored his flesh. But if that showed anything, it showed his power. Their children would be strong.

She ran a hand down Euric’s body and found his sex, limp in her hand. “We can’t have that, can we?”

Nokubonga licked her lips with an unnaturally long tongue and took Euric into her mouth. He tried to deny her the satisfaction, but there was no use escaping from the pleasure. Nokubonga’s long tongue wrapped around his cock and made it slick wet with warm spit. It took no time for him to grow long and hard in her mouth. Euric grunted in a mix of frustration and bliss. It was impossible that he was the first Nokubonga had tried to mate with. Her mouth was gifted. But perhaps she found her previous victims wanting as well. But there was no pride to be found in being the father of arachne children.

The arachne stopped for a moment and grinned. “This was where your squire finished, morsel. He was only too happy to give his seed to me, but not quire where I wanted it to go. Perhaps you can teach him using the whores you travel with. At the very least, I can see you’re ready now.”

Nokubonga straddled him again, this time using her extra legs to pin down his arms and legs. Euric couldn’t see why—there was no way he was going to be able to escape from her web. As if sensing his thoughts, Nokubonga said, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Sweet Light, this can’t be your first time, can it?”

Before he could answer her, she lowered herself, and Euric’s hard cock entered the thirsty part of the arachne that was still human below the waist. Her pussy sucked him in and the warmth he found there made him groan with pleasure. The arachne’s practiced movements rocked the web, and Euric wondered if they would fall to the ground. For her part, Nokubonga’s scream was thick with lust and power. Her breasts bounced as much as her web did, and her tongue hung out of her mouth as she lost herself to their rutting.

Euric could feel himself nearing the peak. Once it was done, he would no longer be walking in the path of the Light. He would be Spider Father, Darkness Bringer. His heart wept, but his cock was engorged as its entire length was lovingly fucked. He held his breath as it started. He came, shooting his thick load of white creamy seed deep into the arachne. He spasmed, again and again, as each shot filled his body with ecstasy. He could barely hear Nokubonga’s exultations as she felt herself getting filled up.

When he breathed out again, he was a creature of the shadow. The arachne lowered her mouth so it was right next to his hear. Her breathing was ragged, fulfilled. “You will return to me before the next moon. My young will want to meet their father.”

Happy New Year, readers. I hope you enjoyed today’s quickie! From now on, this blog will feature updates just once a month, on the first Friday of the month. So I’ll see you on February 3rd next time!

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