Erotic Quickie

One in the Hand

This fantasy quickie is for mature readers only. It’s dedicated for everyone who’s ever had naughty thoughts about little green fairies.

“You don’t suppose it’s dead, do you?”

free-erotica-short-story-ev-stonebraker-007Dagfinn poked a nervous finger at the slender creature cradled in his father’s hand. If the old man was right, then the two of them were looking at an honest-to-Thorbjorn fairy. For all of the stories about the mischief they would enact on innocent village folk, seeing one in the flesh was underwhelming.

The fairy could sit comfortably in Dagfinn’s hand. Her head lacked ornament, but Dagfinn had no trouble imagining a crown of petals that might have once adorned it. She wore a short dress made of woven plant life and chitin, tailored without a sense of modesty. Her arms and legs were bare, and since his father had taken no time to cover the fairy up in the name of decency, Dagfinn could just make out a miniature womanhood. If she elicited any feelings in the growing Northman, all of them were coming from his groin.

“I feel its heart beating, son.” His father lowered the creature onto the table and started to tie its legs and arms together with twine. “I don’t suppose she’s dead at all. Which is good for us. A fairy bargain is a rare treasure, Dagfinn, and we may be in for riches yet. Let me know at once if she wakes, and make sure you don’t listen to whatever sweet nonsense she may promise you.”

Dagfinn meant it when he said his father he’d be the first to know. But later that night, as he crept up to the table and found her awake and waiting for him, Dagfinn forgot any oath he had made. The room was empty, save for the simple furniture father and son had built together. A small fire warmed the hearth, untouched by the howling wind outside.

There have been countless Northman poets who have described their fair love’s eyes to the moon, but they must have never seen a fairy before. The eyes of Dagfinn’s fairy were large, luminous, and were truly comparable to the moon. Had she been human-sized, the effect would be frightening. Instead, it drew him towards her like a cave exit, shining in the darkness.

The fairy was talking, but even in the silence of a sleeping cabin, Dagfinn had to put his face directly in front of the fairy’s to even hear her.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I couldn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?”

The fairy giggled, not looking away from Dagfinn with those luminous eyes.

“I should be the one who’s sorry,” she said in a voice like wind chimes. “I forget that the Sons and Daughters of Weodin don’t have as keen senses as we do. As I was saying, am I right to assume that you’re the young man who caught me?”

Dagfinn puffed out his chest and did his best to imitate the poise he admired in his father. He did not pull it off, but in fairness, he had only seen so much strife in his twenty years of life.

“That would be me,” he said, deepening his voice. “Flew right into our—my trap, you did.”

“I’m pleased to see that I, Ellinor of Nodland, was outwitted by such a clever warrior.” The melody of her voice went in his ears and shot right down his pants.

“Well,” Dagfinn said, blushing, “I had great teachers.”

“Oh, my handsome captor,” the fairy pleaded, “won’t you let me go? My hive must be worried sick about me.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Ellinor. A bargain made with a fairy is a rare treasure, as we all know.” Dagfinn crossed his arms, triumphant.

“My, a clever warrior indeed.” The fairy giggled again. She rolled herself and sat up. Her legs spread open wide, and Dagfinn could not help but stare at the tender petals of her sex. “A bargain it is. Then how may I serve you, master, in return for my freedom? Will it be gold? The keys to an impregnable fortress? Or could I interest you in magic?”

Dagfinn’s mouth hung open. While gold or land sounded all well and good… “Magic?”

“Oh yes, the old magic of the cycle. The power of the ring. You would be the envy of your fellow men. I can share that with you, if you like.” Ellinor crossed her legs. “Of course, you have to agree to let me go.”

“But what is it?” The Northman frowned, forgetting his false bravado after being denied a look at Ellinor’s slit.

“It can’t be put into words, my captor. Surely you know that.” Ellinor parted her thighs the slightest bit, and watched as Dagfinn’s gaze tore to her nether regions. She had him. “Make the bargain. I’m aching to show you.”

Dagfinn thought about his father only for a moment. He may be angry with him in the morning, but wait until he hears about the magic the fairy shared with his firstborn son. The young man nodded. “Alright. I want the magic.”

Ellinor’s ever-persistent giggle rang as she stood from the table, the twine disappearing from her arms and legs. A pair of transparent wings unfurled from her back, fluttering quietly. “The deal is made. You made the right choice, master. Now remove your pants.”

Dagfinn’s cock twitched. He backed away from the table. “What? Why?”

“In order for the magic to work, I must draw the seed out of you.” Ellinor unfastened something at her shoulders and at once, her dress fell to the tabletop. Before Dagfinn stood a beautiful, naked creature. The sight of it hardened his manhood, which the fairy sighted immediately. “I see you already know how it works. Come now, I promise I can make it feel good. This won’t be my first bargain.”

Dagfinn did as he was told, and removed his pants. The tip of his cock glistened in the firelight, moist with precum and engorged with the thought of what may come. The fairy licked her lips and flew over, until she was level with Dagfinn’s cock.

“Nice big sword you’ve got there, master.” Ellinor kissed the tip, tasting the desperate liquid leaking from the end. Dagfinn moaned, and Ellinor watched the muscles in his thighs seize. “So eager to give me your seed.”

She took as much of his purple, emboldened tip into her mouth as she could. His musty scent filled her little nostrils. In the heat of lust, she wrapped her legs around his shaft, rubbing herself on the whole of him. She moved her slickness against its towering strength, paying delicate attention to every inch of him.

Her lips sucked on a crown as big as the mushrooms her people would fashion into little parasols, while her tongue played with the very end, urging Dagfinn’s seed to burst forth. The warmth of the man’s hand held the entirety of her back (although admittedly most of those hungry fingers found her pert little ass). Dagfinn guided Ellinor’s body, as she moved up and down his cock.

It didn’t take long for Dagfinn to reach the far horizon of pleasure. He felt he should tell the fairy, but when he looked down, breathing hard, to find her looking into his eyes, he found she must have already known.

Dagfinn gave a rough, hushed groan, grabbing the table for support. His seed gushed like a river breaking through the frost. Ellinor caught the most of it in her mouth. She greedily lapped up Dagfinn’s cum, savoring the taste of the man and her power in bringing such a giant to his knees. She was delighted to see him keep going, long after she had taken her fill, the white pearls of his essence dribbling from his mushroom tip and dripping down his shaft. The front half of her body glistened with him, from her chin down to her little red pussy.

She flew upwards, her wings lazy in their motion, and hovered in front of Dagfinn’s face. He was a handsome man, and in another time, she might have felt bad for tricking him. Instead, she kissed his lips.

“I hope you enjoyed the magic, master. Better than any sum of gold, was it not?”

With a giggle, she turned mid-air and disappeared, leaving Dagfinn in the cold, empty dawn of his cabin.

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