New Release: Camping with My Futa Stepmother

Letting their wild sides take over…

Thomas’s dad might have had to cancel on the pair’s annual camping trip, but that doesn’t mean he’s pitching a tent in the forest alone. Coming with the college stud is his dad’s new wife Dee, a sexy MILF born out of the Summer of Love.

A new camping partner and a new campsite won’t be the only changes Thomas will experience on this trip. Thanks to the strange, eldritch magic of the deep forest, Dee will be undergoing a transformation herself complete with its own long and thick surprise.

Now, in order to set things right, the both of them will have to open up and give in to their carnal desires. One thing’s for certain: Thomas’s first time is going to be a rough and wild time.

This 6700 word, futa-on-male, supernatural, spanking, taboo erotica is for mature readers only. It also comes with a free excerpt from another sexy tale!

I woke up with a start and found myself going seventy miles per hour on the highway.

“Sorry Tommy, I think that was a pothole.”

I turned in my seat, groggy from being forced out of sleep so quickly. It was in the middle of the dog days of summer, and I was home from college for me and my dad’s annual camping trip. He and I have been taking this trip as long as I could remember, and the only things that changed about it were our ages. We’d drive his beat-up truck out to the same old forest. We’d hike out to the same old campsite. And we’d fish and swim in the same old lake. I was happy to spend time with my old man, and I always looked forward to camping with him every year.

Except this year, I wasn’t in dad’s truck and he wasn’t the one driving. Instead, I was on a trip alone with Dee, who was piloting her sports car towards terrain it was not meant to tread. Dee was my dad’s new wife, who he had met while I was away earning my degree in Business. My dad had to cancel on the trip this year because he’d fallen sick, but he insisted that Dee and I still go. So we could “get to know each other.”

“Are we there yet?” I asked, peering at my surroundings. I couldn’t recognize a thing.

Dee angled her GPS toward her face and squinted at the display. In another time, another world, I would have been attracted to her. For an older woman, she had a tight body and a wavy mane that always looked untamed. She liked wearing revealing clothing, which I could appreciate as a red-blooded man, but made me uncomfortable as my dad’s son. Today’s get-up with a long, flowing skirt paired with a flower-print halter top.

“Um, it looks like we’re almost there.”

“I knew I should have drove.” I pointed to the trees whizzing by my window. “Hell, even I don’t recognize where we are, and I’ve been on this drive over a dozen times.”

“You were up all night traveling, I wasn’t about to make you our chauffeur.” She scratched her head as she gave me an apologetic smile. “Well, we could always find another campsite, right? A new adventure, what do you say?”

When she smiled at me, I could see more of what attracted my dad to Dee in the first place. The way her hair bounced over her face was almost sexy, and I had to look away from her.

“Sure,” I said, trying to shake these thoughts I was having towards my stepmother.

It wasn’t like I was desperate enough to chase after her. I was just going through a dry spell at the moment. Yeah, that was it.

“Hey,” I heard her say, a tenderness in her voice that broke my heart and warmed my groin, “I know this trip is all about you and your dad. And I don’t want to take away from that. This will always be your thing. But we should see this as an opportunity. We don’t know very much about each other. We’ve barely talked. What else are we going to do out here, right? And hey, I’m sure a handsome guy like you has a ton of stories from college.”

My cheeks burned bright red. I was glad I wasn’t looking directly at her.

“You’re right,” I conceded, giving her a quick smile as I said it. As far as I was concerned, the faster we got through the weekend, the better.

She placed her hand on the back of my neck, saying, “It’s a date, then.”

It turned out that Dee drove past the first exit we were supposed to take, which led to where my dad would usually park the car. Since it was too late to turn around, and we needed to find a campsite and get everything set up before dark, I decided to press forward. We were going to be deeper into the forest than I was used to, but as long as we could find somewhere to fish, maybe it wasn’t going to be all that bad.

As soon as we parked, I made sure I had all of the gear we would need: tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles, the tarp, the map, flashlights, and so on. I turned to ask Dee if she needed help carrying anything, and I was surprised to find her pulling a cold six-pack out of the cooler.

“Wanna shotgun one for the road?” She offered me a can, a mischievous smile on her face. “I figured, you know, what else are we supposed to do while we’re camping?”

I stood in stunned silence before shrugging.

“Sure,” I said. “Why not?”

While we were gulping down our beers, our eyes met and we both burst out into laughter. After washing the sticky beer off our chins, we set off on the trial together.

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t going to be all that bad.



“Yep. My parents told me my name was going to be Sunflower originally.”

“What happened?”

“They sobered up.”

Dee walked ahead of me on the trail. She didn’t look out of place out here in the middle of the woods like I thought she was going to. She hadn’t even broken a sweat, and we were hiking uphill. I tried my best not to check out her ass, but it was right in front of me, and it looked like it belonged on a woman half her age. My dad certainly knew how to pick them.

As Dee’s legs carried her farther up the mountain, the top she was wearing raised somewhat. I spotted what I thought was a bruise at first on her lower back. I squinted and I was able to make out what looked like some sort of tribal design, something with a lot of circles and points that fanned out into two wings. My eyes widened as I realized that my stepmother had a tramp stamp. I couldn’t wait to hear the story about that.

I forced my gaze off of her and took in the surroundings. The trees were thicker here compared to the usual spot. Less sunlight was able to break through the leaves which meant there were more shadows playing on the tree trunks. It was quiet save for the occasional bird call, and it felt as if time forgot all about this place. Too quiet for my liking.

“So,” I said, clearing my throat, “does that mean you’re a hippie, too?”

“I don’t think that’s how it works, Tommy,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me with joke in her eyes. “Are you half-mechanic just because that’s what your father does?”

I shrugged. “Kind of. He taught me a lot about working on cars while I was growing up. I’m nowhere near as good as him with a socket wrench, but if you need someone to pop a dent back into place, I’m your man.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Dee said.

She stopped hiking and leaned against a tree, throwing her head back to catch some of the sunlight on her face. She was beautiful in that moment, and if I had any less self-control, I would have wrapped my arms around her and started planting kisses all over her bare skin.

“Seriously, though,” I said, trying to steer myself out of my own perverted thoughts, “are you all about the tie-dye and the Grateful Dead?”

Her eyelids slowly fluttered open. Her head cocked to one side and she pouted in thought.

“That’s not all hippie culture was, if you heard my parents talk about it. But that was their life. As for me, I don’t really do the whole Free Love thing. This is actually kind of embarrassing, but there was a part of me that was half-hippie back in high school and college and that half was really promiscuous. I really got around.”

She blushed, as if she just realized what she admitted to me.

“I hope you don’t think any less of me. I swear that was a past self, and not the woman who’s with your father today.”

“Of course not,” I said without any hesitation. “Thank you for telling me. To be honest, look at you. I would be surprised if men weren’t climbing over each other trying to be with you.”

She stood there, searching my face. I couldn’t find any more words to say. I felt like I had already said too much, but it felt like the deeper we got into the forest, the more it was okay to openly flirt with Dee.

She stepped over and kissed my forehead. As her lips left my skin, my own lips parted, wanting her touch.

“You’re sweet, Tommy, you know that?” She walked on ahead of me. “Well, that campsite’s not going to find itself!”

We eventually made it to the top of the hill, where I found a nice clearing where I could pitch the tent and still have plenty of space left over for the campfire. Directly in front of us was a small lake, and beyond that the hills reached their highest point. The lake trickled off into a river that led back down the way we came. It was nice and secluded, and it reminded me what I loved about camping in the first place.

I took care of setting everything up for both of us, which impressed Dee. She put her feet up on a tree stump as I fished up something for us to eat, and we talked about how college had been treating me so far: the finals, the parties, and yes, even the dry spell. She found the last part hard to believe. I wasn’t sure if she was flirting back with me or if she was just trying to be motherly.

A pang of guilt hit me as the image of my dad flashed in my mind. I couldn’t do this to him.

After a dinner of potatoes and fresh fish, I curled up in my sleeping bad as far as I could away from hers in our little tent, and waited for sleep to come.

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