New Release: On the Road with the Futa Brat

They’re baring it all in the fast lane…

College is out for the summer and Jay is ready to take the long drive home, but this year he has an unexpected guest. Lilah is a flirtatious brat, and though their parents have been together for years, the two don’t know anything about each other.

While Jay is no stranger to getting his hands dirty, the phrase takes a on a new meaning after he finds makes a mouth-watering discovery about the college co-ed sitting in the passenger seat.

Jay and Lilah are going to learn a lot more about each other than just their favorite foods, and it’s all going to come to a head on the side of the road, with their pants around their ankles, and a whole lot of truckers honking their horns in approval.

This 8100 word, cross-country, futa-on-male, public, taboo erotica is for mature readers only. It also comes with a free excerpt from another sexy tale!

“Ten years later, the princess finally finds her way to the ball,” I muttered as Lilah finally threw her suitcase in the trunk.

I peered into the rear view mirror and found her chatting away on her phone, as if she had forgotten that I had been sitting here waiting for her.

Around us, our fellow college students milled about the campus with a laziness that was well deserved for the post-finals crowd. Our university was out for the summer, but for a while it felt like we were going to be sitting in lecture halls for the rest of our lives. It was good to feel the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair again.

Lilah strutted up to the passenger side door and climbed into my car. She gave her face a quick once-over in the side-view mirror, brushing stray hairs back into place. Despite the nature of our relationship, I couldn’t help but ogle at her choice of outfit. She was dressed in a sinfully short skirt with a low-cut pink v-neck. It didn’t leave much to the imagination, and I almost forgot how frustrated I was with her. Almost.

“We both know what you’re going to say,” she said, “so why don’t we skip the argument and fast-forward to the part where you accept my apology?”

I bristled.

“Lilah, I’ve been waiting here for over an hour,” I replied as I turned the key in the ignition. “We can forget about beating traffic now. What the hell was so important that you couldn’t be out here on time?”

“We’re spending the next three days cooped up in your car without anyone else to talk to.” She crossed her legs and waved to one of her bimbo friends as they walked in front of the car. “Is this really how you want to start out our road trip?”

I cursed under my breath. I wasn’t about to say it out loud, but Lilah was right. And to think I was so close to not dealing with this. My original plan consisted of making the trip to the West Coast by myself. It was going to be me, miles of open highway, and the best (worst) truck stop food America had to offer. I even entertained the thought of stopping in Vegas for a day. But then Mom had the bright idea of having me bring my stepdad’s daughter back home, too. I tried to protest–I mean, I barely knew this girl–but she said Lilah and I would “probably make great friends.”

We left campus behind us, the buildings slowly disappearing from sight. As we approached the entrance to the freeway, I let out a heavy sigh. The line of sitting cars stretched as far as the eye could see.

I gave Lilah a quick glance, but she wasn’t even looking at me. Her arms were crossed, and she was staring out her window. There wasn’t much to look at besides the familiar mountains that lined our horizon, but I would still miss seeing them. And that’s coming from someone who grew up in a city full of beaches.

Lilah had made herself at home in my car, having leaned the car seat back slightly and kicked off her shoes. A pair of socks that matched her shirt covered her legs from the knees down. The way she was sitting, I was sure that if I just leaned forward a little more, I would have been able to see up her skirt…

I forced my attention back to the road in front of us. Not that we had moved, because traffic was going at a pace that would have been outrun by molasses, but because if I kept indulging my dick, she would have caught me checking her out.

“Are you mad?”

The genuine concern in her voice surprised me. If she was faking it, then I fell for it. I shook my head, feeling a little silly now that university was so far behind us.

“No, I guess not.”

Another pause followed, punctuated only by the occasional car horn.

“In that case, I’m sorry, Jay,” she said. “I guess.”

She still hadn’t looked at me. I knew that she was the one apologizing, but it felt like I was the one who was trying to make right with her.

“Okay. Thanks.” Still no answer. “Apology accepted.”

The change was instantaneous. She turned to me and flashed me a smile people would fight wars over.

“There it is,” she chuckled, reaching for the radio. “Now let’s get some music going. I was afraid we were going to drive for three days in awkward silence.”

I had to laugh, and this time I really did have to force my eyes back to the road. I was about to rear-end a truck because I was getting lost in my stepsister’s eyes.


Lilah’s laugh filled the small space of the car and still rang in my ears long after it was gone.

“But seriously though, they must have been screwing each other’s brains out every other day now that we’re out of the house.”

I faked a vomiting sound. “I do not want to think about my mother having sex with your dad, okay? My sex drive is already in enough trouble as it is. I don’t want to kill it outright.”

“Uh-oh, ‘in trouble’? What does that mean? Are you having a dry spell or something?”

I gave her a look. Although to be fair, I was taking every excuse to look in her direction throughout the drive. She was laying on her side now, resting her face on her elbow and successfully walking the fine line between cute and sexy. I felt a little weird about checking her out like this, but like she said, it was just going to be the two of us over the next couple of days. When we get to California, we’ll go hang out with our respective friends and never have to interact with each other again. At least not until the drive back to our university. But that was a problem for my future self.

“I wouldn’t call it a dry spell,” I said, trying to veer off this line of conversation but knowing I had dug myself into a hole.

“That’s what they all say,” she quipped. She giggled again. Her shirt wasn’t tight, but it hugged her body just enough that I guessed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Every time I looked over, I hoped I was going to see the outline of a nipple. Maybe if I turned up the A/C?

I shrugged. “It’s more of a choice. Really. Relationships demand so much time and attention, as I’m sure you know, and I don’t want any of the drama to get in the way of school. The college years are supposed to be the prime time for getting in and out of relationships, but I just don’t have the time. I don’t know, maybe I’ll sign up for a dating site after I graduate.”

“You know what’s worse is if all your friends ever talk about is their relationship problems. My friend, Jodie, that’s who I was on the phone with earlier, she just obsesses about every little thing her boyfriend does. ‘Does this mean he’s into me?’ ‘Does this mean he’s not into me?’ And then she turns around and asks me why I’m not dating anyone.”

I laughed. I was surprised to find that Lilah wasn’t seeing anyone, but a part of me, I admit, was relieved.

“You know, what we should do is pretend we’re dating each other. That way, we get all of the social benefits without any of the baggage. It’s not like anyone knows we’re step-siblings.” She asked another question before I could respond to that. “What are you in for, anyway?”

“Computer science,” I said. “And if you think that makes me a nerd, then you would be right. How about you?”

I assumed that she was taking Education or Art, but when she actually told me, I was glad I bit my tongue.

“Chemistry,” she proclaimed, like she was announcing the title of a movie. “But we don’t have to talk about school, Jay, we just finished that. I don’t have to think about Planck’s constant or fucking stoichiometry for two whole months. And you don’t have to think about… computer science concepts.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

We drove on in silence for a while, enjoying the stretch of highway. We had gone past city limits, and there weren’t any buildings taller than one story as far as the eye could see. It’s one of the things I love about living in the western part of the country. I had tuned the radio to the first classic rock station I could find after we lost the signal from the last one, much to Lilah’s chagrin, but it was only picking up static now. The soft buzz was almost as hypnotic as the yellow lines on the road. This was my favorite part of the drive. It wasn’t long before Lilah yawned.

“For the record,” she said, a sleepy drawl in her words, “I’m single by choice, too. Wake me up when we get somewhere interesting, Jay.”


Do you know what’s sexier than a naked woman? A woman with just enough clothes on. That’s why strippers still exist when you could just hire an escort. That’s why men fall in love with their favorite actresses when they could just watch porn. I think it’s because the clothes represent a kind of unattainability. Like we can follow these girls on social media and watch all of their movies, and squint during all of their sex scenes, but we’ll never really get them. But we can try. And that kind of challenge wakes the little caveman in our heads. Me see woman. Me can’t have woman. Me want woman. Me make overture of emotion and hope me not fail. I wonder if the caveman knows when it’s not supposed to be thinking these thoughts. Then again, it probably doesn’t care. Friend’s girlfriend, distant cousin, or hell, even your stepsister–it didn’t matter. An erection is like the sun. No matter how long the night is, it’s going to come up eventually.

Liked it so far? Read the rest of the story here (for FREE with Kindle Unlimited)!


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